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“I have had the pleasure of working with Theresa Easbey for many years now and know that she is extremely dependable and possesses a tenacious work ethic. When I became aware that Theresa was creating her own consulting business within the Affordable Industry I was very excited! Not only does she have a strong drive for excellent work results she also has a deep knowledge base of the Tax Credit program.

Theresa and her consultants apply their experience to the file reviews performed for all of the Tax Credit properties we manage. Easbey Consulting was able to deliver completed file reviews within 24-72 hours of receipt during the recent, and very busy acquisition-rehab of 680 units. I will definitely rely on the services of Easbey Consulting for future projects!”

Tonya Evans, HCCP, Assistant Director of Property Management, Home Forward (Portland's Housing Authority)

Theresa and her team have been working with my employees for over a year. Easbey Consulting was instrumental in training the staff in the LIHTC housing program. The Easbey team has provided hands-on assistance and has worked side-by-side with staff to facilitate the accurate completion of recertification paperwork as well as new application paperwork. Easbey Consulting is incredibly knowledge of OHCS requirements and are a delight to work with. This team is thorough, detail orientated and efficient. I would highly recommend Easbey Consulting.”

Gina Estrem, Regional Manager, Property Management, Dominium

“At an administrative level, Theresa and her team have been instrumental in improving our record keeping and streamlining our reporting. At an operation level, they have provided valuable insight to improve ground based operations. Easbey Consulting has also helped us navigate the difficult regulatory environment to ensure that all of our projects are compliant and Theresa has personally advocated for sounder, more efficient policies on our behalf.

Easbey Consulting helped us to accomplish all of this at a lower cost than when we were handling all compliance matters internally. We are fortunate to have Easbey Consulting as a provider and our company considers Theresa a valuable business partner.”

William Glennie, Portfolio Manager, Glennie Property Investments, Inc.

Theresa Easbey and I met in 1988 when she was working in Asset Management and Compliance at OHCS as our Compliance Officer. At the time I was new to the field of Affordable Housing and she very quickly became a valuable resource and ultimately a mentor to me.

At the time she went into private consulting, we were in the process of entering into the LIHTC program with our first section 8 project. Theresa and her team at Easbey Consulting trained and guided my staff thru the process of lease up and ultimately on to successful compliance reviews. That was 10 years ago and we have continued to work with Easbey Consulting as we brought subsequent Section 8 projects on line with the LIHTC Program.

Theresa Easbey and Easbey Consulting continues to be a valuable resource and advocate for us and for all her clients. I consider myself fortunate to have been working with her for almost 20 years.

Pamela Washington NAHP-E| HUD Properties Administrator | Harsch Investment Properties

“You have made this project so much better for me, my owner, and my self-esteem.”

“With Theresa’s help I have been able to complete my recerts timely and with confidence in my abilities.”

“With Theresa’s guidance, my files have finally attained “good” status on my recent LIHTC audit. This was an accomplishment I had not been able to achieve on my own in 15 years.”

“Theresa has extensive knowledge, experience, and commitment. We could not have been successful without Easbey Consulting.”

"As a member of the Board of Directors of Oregon AHMA it has been my pleasure to work with Theresa as a consultant to the board and now with her associate Katharine Daline. Over the years Easbey Consulting has created and presented a number of trainings to our membership at our annual conference and monthly trainings."