About Us

Easbey Consulting, LLC is an affordable housing consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of affordable housing organizations in the full range of a compliance cycle. With our experienced professionals and  team approach to most consulting projects, Easbey Consulting, LLC offers a more balanced, quality service than many of its competitors.

Affordable Housing Professionals

Easbey Consulting, LLC is a team comprised of compliance professionals well-versed in the affordable housing industry. Each consultant specializes in multiple housing programs, including LIHTC, HOME, Risk Sharing, Bonds, Trust Fund and various HUD subsidy programs. Learn more ⟶

Nationwide Services

Currently, Easbey Consulting provides file auditing services for several housing authorities and numerous owners and agents. Most often, the properties we provide services for have mixed funding with LIHTC and other affordable housing programs. Our consulting services can make a huge difference for you.

A Capable & Experienced Company

Since March 2007, Easbey Consulting has provided compliance services to affordable housing owners, managing agents, developers, housing authorities, and non-profit organizations. We have provided compliance services in Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, California, Virginia, Colorado, and North Carolina.

While Easbey Consulting may still be considered a fairly young company, collectively, our consultants have over 150 years of experience auditing tenant files, providing trainings, writing policies and procedures relative to compliance requirements and reviewing regulatory agreements, restrictive covenants and extended use agreements.

Experienced Affordable Housing Professionals

Experience makes the difference, and with more than a century of it under our belts, we've built a respected company geared toward helping our clients meet their present-day compliance challenges, looking toward the future with confidence.

Understanding your options and requirements means enhanced goals and added progress.

Our training & guidance makes affordable housing management easier for you.


Providing professional compliance services nationwide since 2007

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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services by offering individualized
client plans that support our client’s ongoing compliance goals.

We Know Your Business!

The affordable housing industry is often quite complex to navigate all of its layers like tax consequences, reporting requirements,  project organizing and demanding deadlines... it can be simply overwhelming.  Guidance from an experienced professional can help you work through all of these affordable housing industry management challenges.  

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